I caved already….


I’m sitting at my desk after school on Monday.  I don’t mind Mondays.  There’s something to be said for the beginning of a fresh week.  It’s a fresh week for me.  It’s a fresh week for my students.  There just tends to be less chaos.  It’s not like a Friday where suddenly we’re almost done with the week so all of the crazy starts to happen like there’s a full moon hanging outside our window.


The only thing about Mondays is that once the day is done, I’m ready to go home.  It’s hard to stay and get work done.  The other thing is, when I try to stay and get work done, my fingers find their fastest route to my candy stash.  Monday is the hardest day to stay away. 


The trash next to my desk now holds tiny wrappers of Starburst and Hershey Kisses.  There’s a few of each.  I’m not proud of it, but I needed a quick fix and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more so naturally, I went for both.  Then, I reached for my phone and there it was.  The text.  She must know it’s Monday.  She must see how big my belly is from her house.  That crazy intuitive woman probably knows there are wrappers in my garbage can.  Her timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Monday.  4:00.  She knew.


It’s my oldest sister.  She needs one more consultant for a bonus check and she thought of me.  How sweet is she?  She wants to know if I’m interested in her shake program after the baby.  She sells and sells and she’s good and I cave.  Between the guilt I feel about the junk I just ate and the need I’ll have for an easy routine next month, it didn’t take much convincing.  I could use the protein, the nutrients are an easy sell I can’t refuse, and the energy is something I’ll definitely need so, you win my dear.  I wonder how I’ll feel about this on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, but for now it’s official.   I guess I just started “drinking the juice.”   If I become a witness, somebody stop me.


2 thoughts on “I caved already….

  1. Those candy stashes are dangerous! I had to get rid of mine this year because there was a lot of “yes” and very little “no I shouldn’t.

    I agree about Mondays. They are my favorite day- everyone seems refreshed and ready to learn.

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