The salty smell of the ocean

The humid breeze dances in

A sea of flags wave in the wind

Eager desperate mothers try to contain their excitement

Anxious children ask their questions

Moms and dads embrace and stare at the horizon

Fellow friends have come to celebrate

And there I stand in this assembly of strangers…

I’ve waited so long for this day

I flew here for this day

I’ve pictured this moment for months




So many letters

So many tears

Such worry

Such heartache

Will it be awkward?

Will it be strange?

How much longer?

A signal blares

The crowd cheers

And one by one

All in white

They step onto the pier

My heart stops

We smile, we cry, we laugh, we hug, we dance

And we leave

It’s finally over

My ship has finally come home.


2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. So beautiful. You brought your reader there with you. I felt the range of emotions as I was reading -my heart stopped too- and the relief at the end when “My ship has finally come home.” Well done!

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