Being Sneaky


“Can I read ahead?” says struggling reader who loses steam.

“I guess, but only for a little bit,” replies teacher trying to hide fluttering heart.

“Can I too?” says other struggling reader with even less steam.

“Ohhhh, ok as long as you don’t spoil it for the others.”

Silent, sneaky, quiet, mischievous eyes wander through the pages.

It’s been a while now.

They’re getting away with something.

Then they start to whisper about what happens.

They’re getting away with even more now.

If it were my idea, it wouldn’t have worked,

but they’re getting away with it. 

So sneaky of… them?   😉


6 thoughts on “Being Sneaky

  1. bbutler627

    I so enjoy when they are tricked into learning or creating. I love that this is “sneaky” as a word choice here.

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