Sub plans


Teaching.  What’s that saying?  The only job where it’s actually more work to take a day off than to just show up?  It’s something like that.  And holy cow is that true. 

So many “what ifs” and “by the ways” that you couldn’t possibly record them on paper, though you want to.  You try to keep things simple and concise (the HARDEST part) so they’re easy to understand for the stranger that you haven’t met that’s about to take your place.  You leave your desk and cross your fingers hoping you were clear enough, and you left enough, and you hope that it’s just a “normal” day for everyone.  How could it possibly be normal?  Then there’s the “clean up” afterward.  After all, you do have to return.  You have to figure out what was actually accomplished and bridge the gap the next morning.  What the heck happened here?

I need to figure this out.  There must be an easier way.  I need a sub to make my sub plans. 


7 thoughts on “Sub plans

  1. What a real slice of teaching life. I always felt my sub plans took me forever and a day to put in enough detail to ensure the day went as smooth and normal as possible. To be a fly on the wall right?

  2. I need a sub to make my sub plans. I love it!!!! I hear you saying it. Fortunately, this time, it won’t take you long to get your mind on other things, like that precious life inside of you! 🙂

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